Return to in Person Learning: Grades PreK through 12th grade will no longer have a distance learning option as of 1/3/21

This is a reminder that ALL SCHOOLS and ALL GRADES have returned fully to in-person learning after the Red Lake School Board's latest vote to end distance learning. 

We want to ensure that all of our students and staff remain as safe as possible. We have Take Home COVID-19 test kits that we encourage everyone to bring home. If you are experiencing any symptoms of feeling ill or experiencing symptoms that are synonymous with COVID-19, we encourage you to 1) take the test to see if the result is positive or negative, and then 2) if it is positive, to confirm by going to the COVID-19 testing clinic at the hospital. 

If you tested positive with no symptoms and develop symptoms AFTER you use the test; you will need to start your 5 day isolation period over on the day your symptoms started.