Technology Update - Laptop Return

Technology Update!! It's time to start wrapping up the year. Here is the plan for returning laptops and hotspots.

In-person Students
To help us collect as many devices as possible, students will be keeping their computers at school, starting May 17, unless they sign it out with their advisory teacher.
They should plan to leave their laptop and charger in their advisor’s cart.

Distance Students
Return computers drive-through style at the south gym doors on May 27 & 28 between 8:40-2:30 or by appointment.

To turn in laptop and hotpots, students should:
• Tape name on laptop if it has come off (will make logging them far faster)
• Bring charger to turn in
• Bring their case to turn in

Important Information
1. Devices will shut down and not power on after 180 days.
2. Internet provided by the school will be discontinued if not required for summer school. There is an important new Emergency Broadband Benefit that can help with the cost of the internet.
3. All students must turn in their laptops, even if they are attending summer school.
4. Distance learning summer school students will pick up a computer on the first day of summer school.