Please be informed that to help contain the spread of COVID-19, the school board has voted to require face coverings to be worn by all persons entering all school district buildings.  Masks are available at all entrances, if needed.

In addition, we will be taking the temperature of all students, staff and community entering the building or school busses using the kiosk or handheld laser thermometer to make sure when people enter the building they are temperature free. Staff who are at the building entry will also ask screening questions as recommended by the CDC and MDH.

 Face coverings shall be required to be worn by all students, staff and community entering and walking around district buildings, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained effectively. If working alone or with over 12’ distance between people, staff and students may remove the mask. The presenter/teacher may remove the mask in meetings if there is a minimum of 12’ distance between presenter/teacher and the first row of students. 

Melinda A. Crowley, Superintendent             

Red Lake School District, ISD #38