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Revenue and Budget Publication FY 2020 and FY 2021

Decision Tree - COVID-19

Minnesota Department of Revenue Education Tax Subtractions and Credit

Important Information

Post Secondary Enrollment Information
District Revenues and Expenditures Budget for FY 2015 and FY 2016 Annual Publication
Structure for Continuous Improvement
2014-2015 K-3 Literacy Plan
2015-2016 K-3 Literacy Plan
2016-2017 K-3 Literacy Plan
2017-2018 K-3 Literacy Plan
Internet Safety PSA

Annual Notifications for Parents

Asbestos - 2015-16
Indoor Air Quality and Pesticides - 2015-16
Annual Parents Right to Know Notification - 2015-16

The Red Lake School District invites parents and community members to visit their local schools. 

Come and see the school in action
Visit your child's classroom in action
Enjoy breakfast or lunch with your student

When visiting a school, check in at the security desk and go to the administrative office.  Office staff will arrange a visit for you.

Minnesota Healthcare Programs Notification
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