Red Lake School District Curriculum

Definition of Curriculum
Curriculum is a written plan that drives instruction. It delineates the skills and concepts taught and evaluated to foster and increase student achievement. Composed of a content area philosophy, strands, program goals, aligned scope and sequence, and learner outcomes, it is intentionally designed to meet district, state, and national standards.

Philosophy of Language Arts:
Students in the RLSD have the opportunity to emerge as successful readers, writers, speakers, and listeners in a diverse cultural environment. Language arts instruction values the unique ideas and voices children bring with them to school and explores their potential as life-long learners. Through effective use of these communication skills, student ambassadors will enrich themselves and their world.

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Philosophy of Mathematics
All students in the Red Lake School District have the ability to learn mathematics. Environment, culture, and a variety of learning styles influence this ability. Wherever possible, mathematical concepts should be taught in a culturally relevant and appropriate manner. Given this, students will have the means to function effectively in society.

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