Community Ed

Community Education

Community Education at the Red Lake School District #38 provides a Holistic Approach to educational based programming, activities and events. The best interest of the reservation community includes finding ways to utilize the funding which will be inclusive of residents of all ages.

Community Education Youth Leadership

The Leadership portion of Community Education gives students the opportunity to develop skills which will apply to life skills. This includes time management, cooperation in groups, volunteering for projects which enhance the reservation community, job skills and a connection to education through good school attendance.

Students are recruited to assist with the projects that Comedu offers such as the Teen Health Fair, Comprehensive Health Fair, sports events, educational camps, field trips, concessions at the Red Lake High School and collaborative efforts with other programs.

Youth Enrichment

The theory of Best Practice in the educational system means that students are able to learn and enrich their horizons by hands on learning. Along with hands on learning we recognize that Native youth have certain learning styles. As each student has a learning style which may be different, acknowledging and honoring the child and youth enriches their perspective of the educational system. Collaborations with Targeted Services, Home School Liaisons, Comprehensive Health, Chemical Health, Indian Health Services, Oshkiimaajitadah and other programs gives Community Education the ability to provide services to students.

Enrichment projects are also Cultural based, Native American, primarily  Ojibwe. There have been several films made by students along with drum making, beading, craft designs. Youth have been encouraged in projects such as Targeted Service to increase knowledge through hands on learning.

Kloster Park

Kloster Park is a summer baseball/softball program based in Clearbrook, MN. Both boys and girls 9-13 years of age are eligible to attend. This give students one day per week for eight weeks to meet other youth from the surrounding area. There is a World Series at Clearbrook which brings together families and numerous communities.

Students who have participated at Kloster Park are eligible to become coaches and/or umpires when they turn fifteen. This is a great opportunity for youth to use this coaching time on their resumes.

Teen Health Fair

Each year on the first Friday of November, Community Education along with numbers of partnerships/collaborators hold a Teen Health Fair at the Red Lake High School.
The Teen Health Fair, an annual event hosts a Holistic approach to student's cultural  background. There is a host drum which is in the middle of the gym and a variety of disciplines.

Indian Health Services, Comprehensive Health Services, Evergreen House, Chemical Health, Early Childhood Family Education, Red Lake Tribal College, massage therapy, biofeedback, herbal therapy, aroma therapy, diabetes information and numbers of other booths are available as resources and education for students.

Parents As Teachers

Community Education is a partner with the Parents As Teachers program. Parents As Teachers is a curriculum that gives parents the opportunity to learn about being their children’s first teachers. The classes are geared for Early Childhood but can be used for children of any age.

Classes are offered at the Early Childhood center at Red Lake and at Oshkimaajiitahdaa.


Community Education has hosted numbers of workshops with themes on Parent Education, Prevention of birth  defects, prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome, Parents As Teachers and other  related  topics. It is the intention of the Red Lake School district  to provide  educational outreach for the families and reservation community.

55 and Over Insurance Classes

It is our intention to hold the 55+ classes each year. There are the regular classes and the renewal classes. We have not been able to secure an instructor this past year but are working to continue this service.

Crafts Classes

Crafts classes are held in Ponemah at the Boy's and Girl's club. The classes are for adults but the environment at the club helps so that participants can bring children who can then have their own activities. Classes will be blanket making, pillow making and other crafts. Christmas there is cookie making and an assortment of fun give away presents. LIVIT Community Education is a partner with the Department of Indian Works, Minneapolis which has provided  us with a curriculum to teach Sexual Health. Workshops are offered  in the Red Lake High School and Oshiimaajitahdaa.

Summer Activities

Summer activities  for youth are planned with a number  of partners  which also include Red Lake Law Enforcement. It is the intent of the district to assist in planning a continuum for a variety  of activities  during the summer.

Community Education Advisory Board

The Community Education Advisory Board has four meetings per year. The board is a volunteer  group and discusses what resources are available for the reservation  community.