Ojibwe books

January 7, 2022

Boozhoo Parents/Guardians!

Instead of canceling school (i.e., snow day, due to blizzard conditions), Red Lake School District has been approved, by the Minnesota Department of Education, to do alternative learning days (up to 5 days) instead of a school closure. 

Since it is hard to predict when we would have an alternative learning day, we are sending home 5 days worth of learning packets today. These packets are to be stored at your home for potential alternate learning days (also known as “e-learning days”).Each Grade 3-5 packet is aligned with one of five Ojibwe/English books (see images), sent home via mail. Those families with Redby post office boxes have not received the books yet but they should be sent home with the oldest child in the household within a week.

If an alternative learning or e-learning day is called by the Superintendent, please follow the Grade 3-5 process:

  1. Communicate with the classroom teacher for attendance purposes
  2. Provide the appropriate packet to your child and the book associated with the lessons
  3. Support your child in completing the one packet
  4. Contact the teacher if you or your child have questions or need packet support
  5. Send completed packet back to school the next school day with your child; teacher will collect packets

If we have an additional alternative learning or e-learning day, the second packet would be used following the same procedure and so forth up to five days.

Stephanie Amberg, RLEC Grades 3-5 Principal