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MSBA Executive Search Service


Red Lake Schools is located in northern Minnesota on the Red Lake Nation. The district covers

approximately 1,014 square miles of land and water, and serves the communities of Red Lake, Ponemah, Little Rock, and Redby. The student body is 99.8%

Native American, and the district offers a wide range of academic and co-curricular opportunities for its students. Points of Pride include:

  • K-5 Ojibwe Language Cohort
  • Ojibwe Language and Culture Classes for grades K-12
  • One-to-One computing devices
  • Culturally responsive curriculum
  • Strong athletic department including girls and boys basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, golf, and other sports
  • Licensed staff members: 174
  • Non-licensed staff members: 176
  • Full-time Central Office staff: 12
  • District buildings maintained: 3

¨       Elementary Technology Integration classes

¨       Turnaround Arts Middle School

¨       All day kindergarten and Pre-K

¨       11:1 Licensed staff to student

¨       Average class size between 12-18 students

¨       Red Lake Elementary recently opened a new

wing of the building, including new classrooms

¨       A wide variety of activities are offered to

students, including a student store with designs by our own students, choir, athletics, and


The school district operates its own food service

program as well as transportation services.

By the Numbers

¨       Student enrollment: 1,448

¨       Principals/Assistant Principals: 6 / 5

District Mission Statement

Giinawind Ge-izhichigeyang:

  • Wiinetawaa ji manaaji’idizowaad, idizhichigeminaan omaa
  • Gibagidinigemin besho gikendaasowin gwayak Anishinaabe izhichigewin Ojibwemowin gaye.
  • Gidoozhitoomin ganawenjigewin miinawaa debwewin gikendaasowin gaa-ayaawaad.
  • Giwiiji-anoki’idimin gakina awiiya ji gashkitooyang ji mooshkina’tooyang gaa- gashkitoowaad abinoojiyag
  • We cultivate each student’s respect for themselves, the culture of the Red Lake Nation and the global community.
  • We offer an engaging and relevant academic
  • We create a safe and positive learning environment
  • We work together with students, parents, staff and community to provide all students with the tools and skills to achieve their full potential.
    • Acts with honesty and in an ethical manner with the School Board, staff, and community
    • Possesses a strong academic background with experience in curriculum
    • Has experience in implementing educational priorities
    • Is familiar with state and federal education laws
    • Uses curriculum and other resources to improve test scores
    • Is visible and accessible to the School Board, staff, students, parents, and community Previous superintendent experience preferred, but not required.

Miskwaagamiwizaaga’iganing miinawaa miziwekamigaang.

curriculum with Anishinaabe language and culture.


Search Timeline

Announce Vacancy              April 4, 2022

Application Deadline           April 25, 2022

Applicant Screening            April 26-May 3, 2022

First Round Interviews       May 6 & May 9, 2022

Second Round Interviews May 10, 2022 Approve Contract  May TBD, 2022 Superintendent Begins                                   July 1, 2022


                                   Leadership Profile                                        

The Red Lake School Board seeks a superintendent who:



District Financial Highlights

  • General Fund Revenue:              $ 41,671,303
  • General Fund Expenditures:      $ 37,789,003
  • Unreserved Fund Balance:         $ 24,020,547
  • Total General Fund Balance:      $ 26,518,325
Salary and Benefits

The current superintendent’s base salary for the 2021-2022 school year is $154,950. The final salary will be negotiated commensurate with experience and qualifications. The

contract length is negotiable as provided in Minnesota statute.


Screening Team

A team from the Minnesota School Boards

Association’s Executive Search Service (MSBA) has been selected to assist the Red Lake School Board in securing and screening applicants.

MSBA contact information and application instructions are located below.

Thank you for your interest in applying to be the next superintendent of Red Lake

Independent School District #38!

 Deadline and Selection

MSBA’s Executive Search Service uses an online application process. Applicants begin the application process at . To be considered for this position, an applicant’s completed file must be received by MSBA prior to 11:59 p.m. on April 25, 2022.

Contact Gary Lee at 507-779-8117 ( with questions. Please mark any correspondence and/or envelopes “Red Lake Schools Superintendent Search.”

Applicants are requested not to contact school board members.

Red Lake Schools is an equal opportunity employer. The MSBA Executive Search Service is an equal opportunity search agency.


                                        Deadline to apply: April 25, 2022